Pioneer Offers Family of Mass Storage Solutions Including DRM-7000 And DRM-3000 Flexlibrary Systems

Jukebox Systems Provide Advanced and Entry-Level Solutions for Video and Imaging Applications

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., the leader in recordable DVD technology, will showcase its DRM-7000 and DRM-3000 FlexLibrary™ systems at this week's National Association of Broadcasters conference. These powerful jukeboxes offer mass storage solutions with the ability to mix and match DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD/CD-ROM or CD-R technologies. With two sizes available, Pioneer provides the ultimate flexibility and expansion for future needs.

"DVD-R is the storage media standard in the professional video environment because of the playback compatibility and storage efficiency it brings to the table," said Paul Meyhoefer, director of sales and marketing for the mass storage group at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. "Broadcasters can archive entire collections of video in a fraction of the space required for tape and in a much more secure environment. Because Pioneer offers a range of FlexLibrary solutions, customers can configure the ideal library system by choosing just the modules they need, which reads their existing CD and DVD media, and can easily be upgraded as new technologies are developed."

The DRM-7000 can accommodate a maximum of 720 discs with two drives; a maximum of 16 drives and 370 discs, or it can be configured with any drive-to-disc ration in between. The DRM-3000 can be configured to accommodate a maximum of 320 discs with two drives; a maximum of 170 discs with eight drives; or it can be configured with any drive-to-disc ratio in between, allowing businesses to create the system of their choice.

Each FlexLibrary system comes with both a single and 20-disc mail slot allowing importing and exporting of discs without impacting system performance. The unique 20-disc hypermagazine offers a built-in memory feature enabling off-line archiving by identifying appropriate media as it is loaded into the mail slot. Also available is Pioneer's exclusive disc-flip module that enables capability of reading double-sided DVD media, effectively doubling the library's capacity.

The systems are designed to work in conjunction with Pioneer's advanced DVD recording products including the DVD-R7322 DVD-R/RW drive, the DVD-D7563 DVD-ROM drive, and the DRM-AL751/AF751 color-coded magazines as well as the DRM-UF701, the industry's first modular disc flip unit.

System maintenance is simple because the user-friendly self-diagnostic features developed by Pioneer for the FlexLibrary. They include simple error history, logging and alert functions. A series of test modes offer full system command utilizing the library's simplified LCD panel.

The DRM-7000 is available now through Pioneer's authorized distribution network and offers basic reader configurations beginning at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $18,495. DRM-3000 systems begin at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $12,495.

Pioneer's Mass Storage Group is a leading supplier of DVD-Recordable drives, as well as automated DVD library systems and M-O and WORM multifunctional optical drives and media. The Business Solutions Division provides professional business-to-business products across a wide range of markets including cable television, professional video/audio, educational, medical, legal and banking.