Pioneer Launches Innovative Professional Video And Audio Products At National Association Of Broadcasters Conference

New DVD Recorders, Plasma Monitors and Audio Products Enable a Smooth Transition to Digital Technology

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is launching a series of newly developed products including DVD recorders and plasma displays designed to help professional video and audio users transition from analog to pure digital technology. New products, which will be showcased at this week's National Association of Broadcasters conference at booth S3320 in the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, offer the flexibility, reliability and compatibility to transition to the digital realm.

Product highlights include:

  • Professional DVD Recorder (PRV-9000): Utilizing DVD-R/RW technology, PRV-9000 records discs with the highest level of compatibility of any DVD recording format.
  • Computer DVD Writer (DVR-A04): Just-launched, fourth generation DVD burner supports DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW for maximum compatibility at $499.
  • FlexLibrary Storage System (DRM-7000): Enhanced DVD media archival system provides double the capacity of previous models for storing up to six terabytes of video material. Disc-flipping mechanism and double-sided media enable increased storage capacity.
  • PureVision Plasma Displays (PDP-433CMX and PDP-503CMX): Pioneer's new 43-inch and 50-inch true high definition PureVision( plasma displays offer unrivaled image quality in their respective size categories, with open architecture for maximum connectivity today and in the future. First expansion board product for open architecture expansion slot to be unveiled at NAB.
  • Digital Vinyl Turntable (CDJ-1000): World's first digital turntable enables users to manipulate a CD in the same way they would a vinyl album, providing reliable digital copies and eliminating the need for expensive dub plates.
  • Cinema Series Speakers (TSC-3415, TSC-3215, TSC-1118SW): State-of-the-art exhibition cinema three-way and subwoofer speaker systems using TAD reference quality speaker components.

"Pioneer understands the professional video and audio markets and has created a range of products that help save time, space and money, while maintaining the highest level of reliability," said Paul Dempsey, president of the Business Solutions Division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

DVD Products

With the capability of producing compatible programming coupled with real time, real simple one-button recording, the PRV-9000 is ideal for archiving, training materials, video transfers and any application where the ability to efficiently and easily record to DVD is essential.

Pioneer's PRV-9000 is the only professional DVD recorder that utilizes the time-tested DVD-R format for write-once recording and DVD-RW for rewritability. DVD-R discs are the most compatible DVD recording format, playing in most existing DVD playback devices. DVD-RW discs also offer compatibility with many existing DVD players and DVD computer drives.

The PRV-9000 offers IEEE 1394/DV Input/Output (i.Link) that allows users to record digital component video from a DV source. It also offers S-Video, composite and RF analog video inputs. Pioneer includes a two-year warranty and a 24-hour technical support/loaner program.

In addition to the professional DVD recorder, Pioneer is introducing its fourth generation computer drive offering DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW recording and playback capabilities. When paired with DVD authoring software, the DVR-A04 computer drive makes it simple to author video content and record to a DVD.

Pioneer's FlexLibrary™ (DRM-7000) is the most advanced DVD library storage system available. A new disc-flipping mechanism and double-sided media increases the maximum storage capacity to six terabytes of information.

When paired with technology like Core Digital's Asset Management, the FlexLibrary becomes a complete, cost-effective media archive solution able to digitally create, log, store, index, search and distribute valuable video and audio assets. It is a tremendous space and cost saver, replacing large tape libraries.

Plasma Displays

While on the broadcast set, Pioneer's PureVision True Progressive XGA plasma display panels deliver bright, even colors with excellent contrast resolution. The plasmas' small footprint enables broadcasters to maximize space with panels that can be hung, mounted, flown or tilted from walls, ceilings, countertops or wheeled racks.

Available in 50-inch (PDP-503CMX) or 43-inch (PDP-433CMX) diagonal, Pioneer plasmas have a 16:9 aspect ratio and are Windows and Mac certified. The newly introduced 43-inch display offers the highest resolution available in the 40 inch plasma class at 1024 x 768. The 50-inch monitor offers the highest resolution available in any plasma display at 1280 x 768, and was designed to withstand nonstop operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pioneer also supports the transition to digital television, offering consumer plasma televisions in 43-inch and 50-inch diagonals with media receivers and built-in speakers.

Audio Products

Pioneer's innovative CDJ-1000 is the world's first digital vinyl turntable, enabling recording studios to manipulate a CD in much the same way they would a vinyl album. When it comes time to scratch or sample a particular selection of music, there's no longer a need to create an expensive dub plate to do so. Users can simply burn a CD and manipulate it on the CDJ-1000. The CDJ-1000 is front slot loading with the most accurate vinyl scratch reproduction and Legato Link™ technology for fuller, warmer sound quality.

The CMX-3000 rack-mount twin CD player and the DMP-555 world's first MP3 CD player for DJ and professional audio applications also will be showcased.

The company's Cinema Series Speakers are designed exclusively for sound reinforcement and studio monitoring, with dependable, high-quality audio reproduction. The state-of-the-art exhibition cinema three-way and subwoofer speaker systems use TAD reference quality speaker components.