Pioneer's Industrial DVD-Video Players Deliver High Quality Programming For Seminole Government Television

Eight of Pioneer's Versatile DVD-V7400 DVD-Video Players Bring Digital Innovation to Seminole County Broadcasting

Residents of Seminole County, Florida can tune into quality educational and government programming courtesy of Pioneer's DVD-V7400 industrial DVD-Video players. As the first government access channel in the country using DVD playback for a variety of programming, Seminole Government Television (SGTV) demonstrates its commitment to delivering premium services through innovative technologies. SGTV first produces, tapes and edits shows for residents on topics including the local zoo and Seminole County services. After developing shows, the station transfers content to DVD-Video for playback on one of eight Pioneer DVD-V7400 industrial DVD-Video players. With versatile options including the ability to access specific chapters and the compatibility of DVD, Pioneer's players are ideal playback devices for delivering high quality digital images to Seminole County residents.

SGTV uses high quality professional grade cameras to shoot content for the station's government and educational programming. Multiple programs are then transferred onto a single DVD-Video disc using Pioneer's DVR-S201 DVD recordable drive, creating a multi-chaptered disc. By recording up to four programs on one disc and chaptering them separately, SGTV maximizes the use of disc space and lessens the amount of room required for archival purposes. However, having multiple programs on one disc created a challenge for the station. SGTV required a playback device that could access specific programs and chapters from a disc on certain days and times. Equipped with an RS-232C terminal that allows for connection to external controllers, Pioneer's industrial DVD-V7400 allowed SGTV to connect a Leightronix TCD-1000 event controller to the players. When triggered, the controllers send a command to Pioneer's DVD-Video players, allowing the players to access specific chapters on the disc that correlate to the program desired for playback.

"Chapter point controllability of the playback device was necessary for SGTV," said Paul Louis, Program Manager at SGTV. "With its versatile features, Pioneer's DVD-V7400 met our needs, allowing us to provide high quality content to our viewers. Pioneer's players give us the ability to access DVD disc chapters. Without this capability we could not playback from the multi-chaptered DVD-Videos that we create."

Pioneer's durable DVD-Video players can run continuously throughout the day without incident - providing sharp, crisp, life-like images for high quality video playback demanded in a television broadcast environment. In fact, the industrial design of the DVD-Video player makes it ideal for enduring the rigors of daily use for SGTV's programming broadcasts, assuring that the show always goes on.

"Television broadcasting requires high quality video images and durable playback equipment," said Linda Toleno, vice president of sales and marketing for Pioneer's Business Solutions Division. "Pioneer's DVD-V7400 industrial DVD-Video players fit the bill for SGTV, providing reliable delivery of their programming content."

SGTV plans to begin using Pioneer's new PRV-9000 DVD-Video pro recorder to record live County Government meetings directly to DVD for archival purposes and playback on their channel. The unit will also transfer analog video to DVD-Video, so they can continue to expand their current programming options.

About Seminole Government Television
Seminole Government Television (SGTV) was launched in November 1998 on Time Warner (TWC) cable channel 9 in Seminole County. SGTV is a government/education channel operated by Seminole County 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SGTV reaches approximately 100,000 cable households in Seminole County.