Pioneer's DVD-V7400 Takes Disneyland Park Innoventions Visitors On A Virtual Vacation Escape

Pioneer's Industrial DVD-Video Player and Disney Magic Bring Vacations to Life

Guests of Pioneer Electronics' Virtual Resort exhibit at the "Innoventions" pavilion in DISNEYLAND park's Tomorrowland can take a trip around the world without ever leaving the Southern California park, courtesy of Pioneer technology and 20 of Pioneer's DVD-V7400 industrial DVD-Video players. Pioneer's Virtual Resort offers visitors the opportunity to experience the best technology has to offer in an interactive and entertaining manner.

Guests are greeted by one of three Virtual Bellhops who guide them through the Virtual Resort in English, Japanese or Spanish. In the lobby of the Virtual Resort, Pioneer's DVD-V7400 players use DVD-R media to show enticing video of virtual vacation destinations on nearly 40 Pioneer plasma display monitors. In a Virtual Suite that is powered by the DVD-V7400, guests choose their dream destination via an interactive touch-screen monitor to transform the room, providing a "virtual escape" to one of four vacation destinations.

Pioneer's industrial DVD-Video players are equipped with an RS-232C port allowing direct connection to special video touch-screen monitors, enabling "Innoventions" guests to be instantaneously transported to an alpine cabin, Greek island retreat, romantic castle or New England sea village.

"Pioneer's technologies and products including the DVD-V7400 add to the magic of the DISNEYLAND "Innoventions" pavilion," said Larry Wilk, vice-president of business design & development for the DISNEYLAND Resort. "The quality and durability of Pioneer's DVD-V7400 industrial DVD-Video player ensures that guests are always able to experience the video for virtual destinations at Pioneer's resort experience."

Offering a durable and reliable design, Pioneer's DVD-V7400 provides consistent and high quality interactive video, a very important consideration for entertainment environments like "Innoventions" where the magic never stops. Pioneer's DVD-Video players can be programmed to automatically power-on and off and operate throughout the day without incident to provide sharp, life-like images. The rugged design makes it ideal for enduring the rigors of daily use in at "Innoventions," where thousands of visitors are constantly streaming through to enjoy the Virtual Resort.

"The versatility of the DVD-V7400 makes it a great choice for entertainment environments," said Linda Toleno, vice president of industrial video sales and marketing for Pioneer Electronics' Business Solutions Division.

"Pioneer's industrial DVD-Video players are ideal for connection to touch-screens because they are easy to integrate and can seamlessly run an entire interactive exhibit. Our players provide high quality images that take "Innoventions" guests on an interactive escape," Toleno added.

Today's technology, in a variety of playful and practical everyday uses, is the focus of "Innoventions" at DISNEYLAND in Anaheim, California. This dynamic venue offers hands-on experience of current and near-future technologies, enabling people of all ages to experiment with an array of interactive devices, games and exhibits, demonstrating how today's innovations can improve life for everyone. In addition to Pioneer, "Innoventions" partners include AT&T, Compaq, General Motors, Disney Interactive and Disney Synergy.

Pioneer's Industrial Video Group is the leader and technical innovator in optical disc technology for the industrial market. It is a part of the Business Solutions Division, which provides professional business-to-business products across a wide range of markets including cable television, professional video/audio, educational, medical, legal and banking.