DVD-R|RW Computer Drives and DVD Recorders Require Firmware Update for New High Speed Discs

As the DVD Forum releases the specifications for new high-speed discs for DVD recording, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. announces that many of its DVD-R/RW computer drives and DVD recorders will require a firmware update in order to avoid potential damage to the units and discs. The update process is free and relatively simple, and it is extremely important for owners of these products to make sure it is completed prior to using any new high-speed discs for recording.

The DVD Forum has established new standards for high-speed recordable discs (4X for DVD-R and 2X for DVD- RW). Various media manufacturers have begun production of these discs that will soon be available in the marketplace. The source of the problem is a firmware "bug" in certain Pioneer DVD-R/RW recorders and drives, and not with the high-speed media itself. As a result, use of the new high-speed discs for recording on these particular Pioneer products may cause damage to both the loaded disc and to the drive/recorder. The following drives and recorders may be affected:

  • Pioneer DVR-7000 DVD recorder
  • Pioneer PRV-9000 Professional DVD recorder
  • Pioneer DVR-A03 computer drive
  • Pioneer DVR-103 computer drive
  • Pioneer DVR-A04 computer drive
  • Pioneer DVR-104 computer drive

In addition to the above models, certain OEM computer systems containing Pioneer-manufactured DVD-R/RW drives are affected.

Anyone who owns or uses any of the above-listed products should conduct the free firmware update immediately, prior to using the new high-speed media. Firmware updates can be accomplished in the following two ways:

Via Internet download (for updating computer drives only): Log on to www.pioneerelectronics.com/hs/ and click on the appropriate DVD-R/RW update utility icon.

Via Disc (for both computer drives and standalone video recorders): An update disc for either product type can be obtained via the website above or by calling toll-free 800-421-1623. For computer drives, the update disc can be run on the host computer to complete the update. The update disc for standalone DVD recorders can be inserted into the DVD recorder to automatically complete the update.

More information about this issue is available on www.pioneerelectronics.com/hs/. If users have any questions, they should call Pioneer's toll free hotline at 800-421-1623.