2-Channel Dual Recording HD Dash Camera System

  • Full 1080p HD Video Quality
  • Rear Proximity Monitoring
  • STARVIS™ CMOS Sensors
  • Wi-Fi® Direct / Smartphone App Control


The Pioneer VREC-Z710DH is a feature-rich, 2-channel, dash camera system featuring a Full HD 1080p dashcam designed for your vehicle’s windshield, in addition to a secondary, Full HD 1080p camera for your vehicle’s rear window, capturing video of the road ahead and behind. The front camera boasts a Wide Viewing Angle of 160° to assist in capturing peripheral events. The rear camera records a diagonal viewing angle of 137° using High-Definition Range (HDR) technology to achieve higher camera visual recognition performance in both bright and dark conditions. Both cameras feature a STARVIS™ back-illuminated CMOS sensor that constantly adjusts the image quality producing bright, richly colored videos and identification-level recordings that capture critical details such as license plates, road signs, and traffic signals. Furthermore, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) allows you to dial in the exposure value for enhanced imagery under low light conditions. Rear Proximity Monitoring (RPM) automatically detects and records vehicles approaching or following too close. Parking Mode and Security Mode allow event recordings even when parked to give you front and rear protection when your vehicle is out of sight. If an incident occurs while in Parking Mode, the built-in 3-axis G-Force motion sensor will detect the vibration and automatically capture and save video 30 seconds before and after an incident is detected. The G-Force motion sensor also activates the Sudden Brake Detection feature, automatically capturing and saving video footage upon abrupt stops. Additional features include a 2" LCD display on the front camera for easy operation, built-in GPS for speed/location/heading/time data acquisition, and Wi-Fi® direct connection to the Pioneer "Dash Camera Interface" smartphone app to access recorded videos, make manual recordings or photos, download recorded data, or change system settings.

rear monitoring graphic image

Rear Proximity Monitoring

We've got your back. Rear Proximity Monitoring activates automatically to capture tailgating and fast- approaching vehicles.

When your vehicle speed exceeds 25 mph, the rear camera starts to detect vehicles approaching from behind in the same lane. If the vehicle behind enters within a certain distance for x amount of time(about 5 seconds), the RPM feature activates and records 20 seconds before and after the triggering event. After 20 seconds, the video file is automatically saved to the “Event” folder.

*NOTE: 1. The detection distance adjusts automatically according to your vehicle’s current speed.
2. To avoid false detection, RPM only detects vehicles directly behind you, in the same lane.

sudden brake detection graphic image

Sudden Brake Detection

Anytime the brakes are applied suddenly, the Sudden Brake Detection on the VREC-Z710DH will activate and record 20 seconds before and after the event and save it to the Event Folder.

wide angle lense

Wide Viewing Angle

The main/front camera features a 160° diagonal viewing angle lens and the second/rear camera features a diagonal viewing angle of 137° to capture both the road ahead and behind.


GPS image

Built-in GPS

Accurately record important information such as your current position, vehicle speed, direction of travel and time.

smart view lense

Rotatable Smart-View Lens

Rotatable main/front (220°) and second/rear (360°) lens easily allows capturing either vehicle exterior or interior passengers including children.

night time mode image


Clear Full HD 1080p wide-angle video recording with high sensitivity and high quality to capture exceptional details, even in low light conditions using STARVIS™ back-illuminated CMOS sensor technology to constantly adjust the image quality to produce bright, richly colored imagery, and identification-level images including license plates in dark or near-infrared light regions.


wide dynamic range image

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

The front camera features WDR which automatically enhances and compensates "overexposure" and "underexposure" that occurs when the brightness changes suddenly, such as at night, or when entering or exiting a tunnel or parking garages. Exposure settings can be manually adjusted from the dash cam settings menu to enhance imagery.

high dynamic range image

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

The rear camera HDR technology enables both the light and dark regions to be captured clearly at the same time to achieve higher camera visual recognition performance.

parking mode image

Parking Mode

The VREC-Z710DH dedicated parking mode feature automatically switches from normal driving mode to Parking Mode when the ignition is turned off. The camera will record both 20 seconds before and after an occurrence in Parking Mode. Recordings are placed in a specific folder for easy access. An audible notification tone and message displays indicating an incident(s) had occurred at the next vehicle start-up.


security mode

Security Mode

When the pre-set Parking Mode’s time elapses or the internal battery has depleted, Security Mode is automatically activated when the camera detects vibration, to perform 24 hours per day, 365 days per year security mode surveillance*. This feature automatically turns on and extracts power directly from the vehicle’s battery power via the hardwire power cable connection (professional installation recommended). Recordings are placed in a specific folder for easy access. An audible notification tone and message displays indicating an incident(s) had occurred at the next vehicle start-up.

*In this mode, the VREC-Z710DH runs in low power consumption mode to reduce the risk of depleting your vehicle battery. If your vehicle battery voltage drops below 11.2 volts, Security Mode is suspended, and recording is stopped.

spartphone device image

Smartphone Device Compatible

The VREC-Z710DH includes built-in Wi-Fi to connect to most compatible Android™ and iPhone® smartphones using Pioneer’s exclusive Dash Camera Interface app (free download on the Apple® App Store and Google Play Store). The Dash Camera Interface allows you to access recorded videos, capture manual recordings or photos, download recorded data, or set up the VREC-Z710DH through your compatible smartphone device.

Download on the App Store   Get it on Google Play

installation diagram

Concealed Hardwire Power Cable Connection (Installation Required)

The VREC-Z710DH connects to your vehicle's electrical system via a hardwire power cable connection* that allows the dash camera wiring to be concealed for a permanent and cosmetically integrated installation. This connection also enables both the Parking Mode and 24/7 Security Mode.

*Not compatible with 12V auxiliary port/socket charger connection. Professional installation is recommended.


What’s in the Box

  • Main Unit Camera (1)
  • Second Camera (1)
  • Mounting Bracket (1)
  • Power Cable (5 m/16 ft. 5 in.) (1)
  • 2nd Camera Connection Cable (3 m/9 ft. 10 in.) (1)
  • 2nd Camera Connection Cable (6 m/19 ft. 8 in.) (1)
  • microSDHC Card (16 GB) (1)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Main/Front and Second/Rear Camera Included
  • 2.0" LCD Screen
  • Main Unit: 106.1 mm x 78 mm x 46.7 mm (4-1/8 in. x 3-1/8 in. x 1-7/8 in.) (width x height x depth) Rear-Second Camera: 63.2 mm x 37.1 mm x 31.6 mm (2-1/2 in. x 1-1/2 in. x 1-1/4 in.) (width x height x depth)
  • Approx. 2 million pixels (on-board high-sensitivity CMOS sensor)
  • Main Unit: Full HD 1920 × 1080p or Full HD 1280 x 720p (Configurable Quality Image) Rear/Second Camera: Full HD 1920 × 1080p
  • Main Unit: 130° horizontal, 68° vertical, 160° diagonal Rear/Second Camera: 112° horizontal, 58° vertical, 137° diagonal
  • Main Unit: F2.0 Rear/Second Camera: F 1.9
  • 27.5 fps
  • Video recording/event recording/manual event recording/parking mode recording/Rear Proximity Monitoring
  • Dash Camera Interface app (iOS/Android)
  • microSDHC Card (16 GB) Included
  • Pioneer VREC-Z710DH - Whats in the Box

    Pioneer VREC-Z710DH - Whats in the Box