RGB Extension (1.5m) Including Power and Radio Antenna Leads, for Installation of Hideaway Module (Pioneer Modular Receivers)

  • Set of Extension Cables (RGB, FM, and Power) for Remote Installation of Pioneer Non-DIN Modular Solution Receivers
  • DMH-WC6600NEX
  • DMH-C5500NEX
  • DMH-WC5700NEX
  • DMH-C2550NEX
  • DMH-C2500NEX



The RD-RGB150A allows for remote installation of Pioneer modular receivers. The RD-RGB150A consists of: RGB cable (measuring 1.5m), FM antenna cable (measuring 0.75m) and Power connections (measuring 1.5m).

Pioneer’s Modular Solutions receivers

Modular Solutions

Pioneer’s Modular Solutions receivers are designed for applications, often newer vehicles, with limited depth behind the dash that prohibits the installation of a traditional 1DIN or 2DIN receiver. This installation flexibility is achieved by physically separating the LCD touchscreen display from the sub-chassis that contains the CPU, control system, terrestrial radio tuner, amplifier and input/output connections. This allows the sub-chassis to be mounted in a different location* or different horizontal/vertical orientation within the vehicle. To simplify installation and increase vehicle applications, Pioneer and Metra Electronics are partnering to develop vehicle-specific Radio Install Kits** that make the Pioneer Modular Solutions receivers both cosmetically integrated and simple to install.

* Sub-chassis remote installation may require either the RD-RGB150A or CD-RGB150E accessory, sold separately.
** Metra Electronics Radio Install Kits sold separately through Authorized Metra Electronics Dealers. Visit www.metraonline.com.

What’s in the Box

  • 63" RGB extension cable
  • 5' Wiring harness
  • 31" Antenna extension cable
  • Disposal note